JJ Act and Constitution of India

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    Ques: How are the provisions under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 related to the provisions of the Constitution of India?

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      While drafting the Act, the draftsman kept in the mind certain provisions that were laid under the Constitution of India. Part III and Part IV of the Constitution deals with the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policies (DPSP) respectively which lays down certain basic provisions especially for children:
      1. Article 21A of the Constitution provides free and compulsory education to all the children till the age of 14 years.
      2. Article 24 prohibits employment of children in factories, etc.
      3. Article 39 (e) and (f) ensures that the children are not abused.
      4. Article 15 (3) provides special powers to State to uplift children and women.

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