Advanced Course on ICC Statute and Procedure

Relevance of the Course:

We are excited to introduce our new course on ICC Statute and procedure. With the current international events like Ukraine-Russia Conflict, War in Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine Issue, Military Coup in Myanmar, the future of humankind seems to be grim, and law remains the only beacon of hope.

In the pursuance of furthering the cause of educating law students, we now bring an advanced course on International Criminal Law and Procedure. The course imbibes the pedagogy to provide insights into the working of the International Criminal Court.


Through analytical and observational teaching, students are provided with an opportunity to understand the complexities involved in the international criminal law procedure. The course is designed to make the students aware of practical modalities and approaches adopted by the various actors of the International Criminal Court.

Inculcating the skills in the students to rationalise, analyse and argue their points is
the purpose of this course.


An alumna of United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy, Adv. Samiksha Gupta is trained in International Human Rights, Humanitarian and Criminal Law. In the last two years, Adv. Gupta has taught and trained hundreds of students from all across the country through workshops, lectures and seminars. She is the Founder and Managing Editor of Leagle Samiksha.

Curriculum is designed to explain the inside working of the ICC

Sources of Law for ICC



Appeals and


Enforcement of

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