The Name:

The name Leagle Samiksha was picked with precision and care to depict the values that we stand for. 

The word ‘Leagle’ is symbolic of scrupulous observation of the legal realm, just like an eagle that observes its arena meticulously. ‘Samiksha’ is a Hindi word which means analysis.

We believe that these two virtues, namely, observation and analysis, add up to create a responsible and aware person. 

The Vision:

Education is meaningless if it is devoid of values; an educated person is worth nothing if he can’t contribute to the development of his society, his nation and the world. That is why, we believe that the importance of Human Rights education and activism cannot be overstated in today’s world.

Leagle Samiksha is our little step forward to join the global movement to ensure a safe haven for humankind, especially the children.

The Object:

The magical formula to becoming a good lawyer has two special ingredients – impeccable analytical skills, and sound knowledge of the law.

However, becoming a great lawyer requires a secret third ingredient too – the ability to listen to one’s conscience.  

Leagle Samiksha is all about germinating and blossoming these three substantial skills. 

It has been developed with the vision of providing a stage to initiate discussions about legal (or illegal?) events and happenings which must be spoken about. Additionally, the other goal is to thoroughly scrutinise the law.

The Format:

In order to facilitate the task, the space has been divided into two components:


The purpose of the blog is to encourage dialogue about human rights issues. It has been particularly designed to be vocal in the field of child rights. It also seeks to encourage people to observe closely how the law operates in their daily lives, and to use their words as weapons against oppression, injustice and atrocities.


Ask any lawyer and they would tell you that reading the bare acts is an inevitable essential in their life. Simultaneously, ask any law student and they would tell you what a perplexing task it is.

Bare acts are ‘all words similar, no words same’. 

The purpose of the unique forum of Leagle Samiksha is to develop eagle-eyes for reading the Statutes. Additionally, It fosters keen observation of legal nuances – the difference in usage of terms within the legislation. It also facilitates the culture of questioning. Questions like – Why these differences? What changes within the meaning of those words do the lawmakers intend to convey? How does it impact the application of the law?

Message From the Founder:

Five years in one of the country’s finest law schools have made me realise that there are many refined nuances to the law. Not everyone notices, processes, pauses to think about, or questions these microscopic details. They are only visible to a keen eye and a sharp mind.

It is this finesse that distinguishes a good lawyer from any other lawyer. 

These two skills are fundamental to excel both within and outside the classroom. Therefore, they are just as important for a beginner in law as they are for someone in the middle of their career, or even for someone at the zenith.

Leagle Samiksha is a sincere attempt by us to promote and help permeate these skills.

Samiksha Gupta
Founder| Leagle Samiksha

Contact Us:
Email: leaglesamiksha@gmail.com