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      The vocabulary meaning of “deceiving a person” simply means “To deceive means to trick or lie”. However, in legal sense the meaning is much deeper and defined than that. Law bifurcates the essence of the deceiving a person into three categories. For example- A, sold an article to B saying that it is made up of silver when it is not, intentionally deceives him and thus commits the offence of cheating.
      First, fraudulently inducing a person, for delivery of a property. According to section 25 of I.P.C. “a person is said to do a thing fraudulently if he does that thing with intent to defraud but not otherwise.”
      Second, dishonestly inducing a person, for retention of property. According to section 24 of I.P.C. “when the doing of any act or not doing of any act causes wrongful gain of property to one person or a wrongful loss of property to a person, the said act is done dishonestly.”
      Third, intentionally do something or omit to do and the damage or harm caused due to the act or omission of it. If a person knows that the argument made by another is false, but still acts upon them in order to apprehend that person, the accused may not be guilty of the main crime, but of attempting to commit it.

      According to Section 420 of the I.P.C., if a person cheats, he/she is punishable by imprisonment of any description for a period of up to seven years and is also liable to be fined.

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